Saturday, July 24, 2021
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Frederique Constant aces latest partnership with gaming venture

As Wimbledon serves up another classic, Frederique Constant has entered the world of tennis e-sports.

Frederique Constant continues with its Austin Healey love affair

Three limited edition small seconds watches are added to a long line of tributes to the British motoring classic.

Frederique Constant embraces heart health with latest connected smartwatch

The technology allows the user to measure the heart rate directly from the wrist.

Frederique Constant offers Highlife to women

Frederique Constant has added an automatic for ladies to the Highlife collection of men’s watches launched last September.

Frederique Constant’s Highlife collection offers next-gen icon more than 20 years...

Their unique design first adorned people’s wrists in 1999 and now, the Swiss-based brand is keen to show off how the iconic timepiece is back.

Frederique Constant offers support to educators with $20,000 retail partner donation

Each retailer will have the opportunity to support their local community by awarding the teachers and schools of their choosing.

Frederique Constant makes technological breakthrough with Slimline Monolithic

It did so in presenting a silicon oscillator beating at an unprecedented pace of 288,000 vibrations per hour, or 40 Hz.

Frederique Constant hails return of the Highlife collection

Limited to just 30 pieces, this rare timepiece is making its comeback after the first creation in 1999.

Frederique Constant extends perpetual calendar collection

Highlife Perpetual Calendar with manufacture movement arrives in three accessible styles.

Frederique Constant collaborates with RedBar collectors’ club for two limited editions

Watches adopt RedBar's gray and red colors for two new watches in FC's Highlife collection.