Omega speedmaster snoopy

Snoopy MoonSwatch mania builds

Instagram teaser suggests the long-awaited special edition is on its way.

It didn’t take a genius to predict that the second biggest MoonSwatch launch after its shock initial appearance would be a version of the soaraway Speedmaster Snoopy.

In fact, a Corder’s Column back in January 2022 made that exact prediction, describing it as a way to reignite flagging hysteria for the Swatch x Omega juggernaut.

A MoonSwatch Snoopy watch appears to be imminent with a teaser video released by Swatch yesterday showing the world’s favourite beagle on what looks like the surface of the moon, closing the lid on a MoonSwatch collector’s case, and then (somewhat confusingly, since he appears to be on the moon) howling at a distant moon.

No launch date has been suggested, and there are no details of which Swatch stores will be required to hold back screaming hoards of flippers.

The Swatch teaser was released on January 25, the day of the first full moon of 2024. The next new moon is on February 24.

Swatch has been using the lunar cycle to time its new releases of MoonSwatches.

Speculation about the new watch is in overdrive, including the theory that this will be the final MoonSwatch because Snoopy is closing the lid on the collection.

There are also opinions on how the watch will look.

MGB Watches, a secondary market specialist in hype watches, has gone as far as mocking up its dream look for the Snoopy watches.

Fans of the original Omega Speedmaster Snoopy watches will certainly be delighted if the Peanuts character appears in one of the chronograph’s subdials.

Others have voiced concerns that Swatch will simply place some sort of depiction of Snoopy on a Moonshine gold central chronograph hand.

This would be a continuation of the MoonSwatch roll out over the past year where every new moon was greeted with another version of the bioceramic watch with barely-visible variations of its stop watch hand.

Omega Speedmaster Snoopy

Omega speedmaster snoopy 2

Omega’s special Silver Snoopy Award 50th Anniversary Speedmaster is one of the few Speedies that have had long waiting lists and sold for above its £10,000 retail price on the secondary market.

Even in today’s cooler market, the watch is being advertised for around £15,000 on trading sites.

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