WatchPro.com crosses 10 million page views and we reveal the most popular stories of all time


They say transparency and openness builds trust, but Rolex has turned that theory on its head. It is one of the most secretive multi-billion dollar businesses in the world, but regularly tops surveys for the most trusted brands on the planet.

It is also, despite never putting executives forward for interview; passing opinion on business, social or horological issues; or responding to requests for comment, the most popular brand on WatchPro.com, at least according to the number of page views its stories generate.


In the spirit of openness, we report today that WatchPro.com has generated more than 10 million page views (10,038,021 to be precise) from 4.6 million users since it launched in March 2012.

Almost half of those 10 million page views have been in the past two years, with 4,786,800 page views since December 2018.

It took six years to reach 5 million visits to WatchPro.com and just two years since the end of 2018 for the next 5 million.

It seems that watch lovers are predominately men, because they account for almost 80% of traffic.

WatchPro’s irreverent and opinionated style appears to appeal to a younger demographic, with 25-34-year-olds the largest slice of the audience (29%) followed by 35-44-year olds (24%).

More than 42% of visitors to the website are from the UK and 16% are from the United States. No other country accounts for more than 3% of traffic.

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