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BREAKING NEWS: Rolex hikes new year prices

Forget January sales, the price of Rolex watches will rise by an average of 7.4% from January 1.

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Prices of all Rolex watches will increase by an average of 7.4% in the UK from January 1, WatchPro can confirm.

The increase has been long-expected after several major watch brands hiked prices after the summer in the UK as continued weakness of the pound against other major currencies gave the UK a significant price advantage over rival markets.

People visiting the UK from outside the European Union can claim back the 20% VAT applied to watches, making this country particularly attractive to shoppers spending American dollars, or those from Asia and the Middle East where currencies are pegged to the dollar.

Rolex authorised dealers are notifying customers that they should not put off purchases until the new year; giving them a boost ahead of Christmas after a difficult November and early December when political chaos and the general election appear to have dented consumer confidence. “This is good news,” one dealer told WatchPro this morning.

The price rise of 7.4% is not uniform across all SKUs, but WatchPro has used it as a guide to see the impact on key models.

A 40mm Rolex Day-Date in 18ct white gold is expected to increase in price by over £2,000 from £28,850 to £30,985. A white gold Daytona will go up by around £1,500.

The pound has strengthened against the dollar in recent months from a low of $1.2 to the pound to $1.3 today.

Even so, the UK will still be a less expensive place to buy a Rolex in the new year, although the price advantage will narrow considerably if the pound continues to strengthen.

Before the price rises, and American spending dollars in the UK could buy a 40mm Oystersteel Submariner (no date) for $8,970 in his home country. But, once VAT is taken off, the same watch in the UK could be bought for $6229, a $1,271 saving. The same calculation from January 1, if the exchange rate stays at $1.3 to the pound, will see that price difference narrow to a saving of $810.


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  1. Unless you are a valuable long term customer for an authorised Rolex dealer, you have no chance to buy a new one.

  2. Lol putting up prices on unavailable watches hahahahah. Having recently applied to put my name on an imaginative AD’s mailing list wanting a sizeable down payment on an unknown date of delivery ? I have decided not to surprisingly.

  3. Blessed to have got a Rolex Submariner 116613LB from a Rolex dealer in Bournemouth in September. They also had two Yacht Masters for sale all at RRP.

  4. Most people are so poor that they couldn’t afford to give you the time..
    30k for a watch?

    Stuck up c@#ts

  5. I hv collected 19 ROLEX sport watches, but now I stop buying Rolex watch because unavailable stock of Rolex in the market.. I hv to thank this ROLEX policy, now I start to collect Patek Philippe. Now, I hv bought 3 Patek watches in less than 1 year time..

  6. Good job Rolex, but please spend your time thinking on how to give more supply or avoid your AD from just selling it to vvip’s and at the same time in commercial point of view, maintaining the hype that you have successfully created. A lot of collectors are getting sick and tired of this.

  7. Tax refund in the UK is a scam perpetuated by Travelex. Cheats who scam people on forex and fees after they’ve queued up for hours in the hope of getting a tax refund.

  8. I just love how people get angry about not being able to buy a luxury item. Poor you. You’ve missed the boat, and need to wait until the bubble bursts. If it ever does. Ha ha.

  9. Yeah, Rolex got so many idiots around the world begging to buy ordinary steel well made watches worth $1500 at most for $15,000 showing incredibly skilful marketing effort. The movements are basic easily copied everywhere. Unbelievable naivety of millions of people.

  10. If you are in Singapore pay a visit to
    People’s Park Complex
    1 Park Road
    059108 Singapore
    Look for Max! Trust me you may get what you wish for! Service rendered to me and my family has been excellent.

  11. Forget Rolex!! Grand Seiko and Omega watches are much better made with great in house movements.

    The finish and movements on Grand Seiko are leagues better than Rolex.

    These days no one really cares how expensive your watch is. With either Grand Seiko or Omega you cant go wrong!

  12. From me, i am a jewller based in london. private message me on instagram. business account is @1LRLTD will be more than happy to assist you

  13. Cant get hold of them as it is. Guess I wont bother if the price goes up here, suppose there are better things I can put my money to. As for omega, I was gonna buy the sea master 300m but after they whacked up the price I thought I might as well go the whole hog and get a rolex (if they ever come in stock).

  14. Because of the impossibility of getting the watch I wanted (Rolex GMT Batman), I went to an Omega AD, where I bought an Aqua terra Blue, first, then a Moonwatch, for nearly the same price. Call me a very happy and unapologetic Omega customer

  15. Stop messing a bout get on the list buy a Rolex it will go up in value
    You all know these are the best ok Omegas are nice but it’s not a Rolex

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