Timex offers second life to any timepiece heading to the trash

Timex ReWound is the described as the world’s first circular program for watches and aims to ensure that no timepieces end up in landfill.

Timex has unveiled what is describes as the world’s first circular programme for watches as it looks to reduce waste from the industry.

Timex ReWound, which launches in the United States today, invites anybody about to throw away a watch to instead send it to them.

Watches from any brand will be accepted, and Timex says it will either upcycle them to create new products or turn them around and put them back on sale on a Timex ReWound site.

Timex says it has been making watches that last a lifetime for the past 170 years, and has recently been introducing sustainability measures for the company and its products including the use of materials such as #tide ocean plastics, apple peel, wheat husk, waterless tanning processes, eco-ceramic and LWG-certified leathers.

By 2025, Timex’s goal is to have 50% of its watches made with eco-friendly components as a stepping stone to halving greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and achieving net-Zero by 2050.

Submitting watches to Timex ReWound is as simple as filling in an online form to receive a pre-paid shipping label.

Once Timex has received a watch, it will issue a 20% off coupon for a future purchase on Timex.com.

Each watch received will be inspected, cleaned, and refurbished before it is put back on sale.

Watches that cannot be resold will be broken up for parts.

Timex ReWound is launching first in the United States with possible plans for expansion into other markets in the near future.

A quick look at the Timex ReWound ecommerce site this morning shows 89 watches have been put on sale, although the vast majority say they have already sold.

So far, every watch is a Timex (we await to see whether punters send in any Rolexes or Richard Milles).

Prices are attractive, with most pieces selling for under $25.

There are some cool pieces from the past including a quartz Winnie the Pooh dreaming watch, a gold and red Indiglo and a Timex Ironman Triathlon collaboration digital chronograph.

Timex rewound

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  1. I have a Timex Indiglo watch I just want repaired. Wonder if they would fix it up and “sell” it back to me. $25 would be reasonable.

  2. Hi… It is really a great initiative. I am a fan of Timex watches and a collector. I have a Timex Ironman triathlon watch which needs restoration… I am from India. Can you please let me know how and where to send it for restoration. Please contact drkrajeshkumar@yahoo.com

  3. I have a working Timex Triathlon watch. I wore it in the Army and want to know how I can get a new band for it. I can’t find a replacement band any where. Jim Combs

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