Friday, January 21, 2022
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Garmin unveils major upgrade to its fēnix family and premium epix...

Garmin has upgraded both its fēnix and epix smartwatch lines with improved performance, additional functionality and more sophisticated activity, sports and wellness features.

Garmin smartwatches ranked among best new wearables at Consumer Electronics Show

Garmin and Fossil Group make the running with fresh connected timepieces at CES in Las Vegas.

Garmin Connect discovers a world of pain and gain

Garmin Connect is used by millions of people worldwide to track, analyse and share data from their smartwatches and fitness devices and gives a fascinating snapshot of how behavior is changing among its customers.

Garmin muscles into the smart hybrid watch market

Vívomove Sport watches have normal analogue hands but the dial has a hidden display that shows most of the information that a full touchscreen timepiece offers.

Garmin crams its latest Venu 2 smartwatches with health, fitness, communications...

£350 Garmin Venu 2 is aimed squarely at its core fitness market but, with an almost identical set of features to current Apple Watch, it will be hoping to take a bite out of that competitor as well.

SPECIAL REPORT: Garmin smartwatches get smarter, sportier and more lux

Smartwatches are becoming increasingly sophisticated from a technical point of view, and also raising their games to levels of luxury typically associated with the Swiss.

Garmin makes its smallest divers’ smartwatch

At 43mm, it is not exactly tiny, but it is designed to replace more bulky diving instruments that are essential for safety underwater. As a bonus, they will look great on dry land as well.

Garmin chips in with game-changing golf watches

Garmin's Approach S42, Approach S12, and Approach G12 have a number of shared features designed to shave shots off any golfer's score.

WATCHES OF THE YEAR: WatchPro unveils the best Connected watches of...

Staying connected has become more important than ever this year. Reflecting on a sentence used for probably the previous ten years, it seems never truer than in 2020.

Garmin presses go on next-gen ecosystem for divers

The Descent Mk2i watch-style dive computer pairs with the Descent T1 transmitter via Garmin SubWave, a revolutionary new sonar-based communication system, to deliver tank pressure data to the diver.


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