Junkers marks ‘a new beginning’ with relaunch of eponymous brand


Junkers has confirmed the relaunch of the eponymous watch brand.

It marks its return following the termination of its manufacturing contract with the previous manufacturer.

The Junkers family has launched a new collection, which initially debuted at February’s Inhorgenta show in Munich.


The brand is now headed up by Charlotte Junkers, the great-granddaughter of the founder of the original engineering company, Hugo Junkers.

In what the brand sees as a ‘new beginning’, the new collection has been inspired by Bauhaus and offers wristwatches in both quartz and mechanical movements.

The quartz collection prices start at around $250 while the automatic pieces are equipped with a Miyota movements at entry level, ranging up to a chronograph with Sellita’s SW510, are priced at $1,800.

The brand went on to confirm the core segment of the collection is priced under $600.


  1. When reading the wording that Junkers is “terminating its manufacturing contract with the previous manufacturer”, some might get the facts confused. The well known Junkers watch brand was built up from the ground by POINTtec – to this operation, the Junkers Family including Charlotte Junkers contributed absolutely nothing but the name. So POINTtec is far from being just some “previous manufacturer”.
    The new Junkers products now coming to the market as well as the new company headed by Charlotte Junkers have nothing to do whatsoever with the Junkers watches developed, designed, marketed and produced by POINTtec that have been in the market for decades. These will live on and develop further under the new name IRON ANNIE.

    All this previously has been well reported right here at WatchPro:


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