Is this the most accurate fake Rolex ever produced?


Watchfinder has demonstrated the lengths that copycats are going to in order to reproduce counterfeit versions of Rolex watches after uncovering what it suggests could be the most accurate replica yet.

Two years ago, the pre-owned watch specialist investigated just how far fake watches had come when it compared a real Rolex Submariner with a false one – and it says the task of identifying Rolex watches has since become even harder.

The company got its hands on a fake Rolex Daytona 116500 LN, which has been designed to fool all but the most avid Rolex experts.


Watchfinder said that while the replication of high-end watches is becoming more advanced, it was able to detect the unit was a fake due to “clues” in the delicacy of the finishing.

It explained: “The mirror finish of the polished dial furniture lacks the lustre of the genuine, slightly dulled by the machine application over the finer hand-polished gloss of the Rolex. Edges are coarser, handled with less care, losing the catch of light they should have when the watch is angled just so.

The fake Rolex Daytona 116500 LN…
…and the real version.

“It’s a similar story with the print, the precision of the plates used to isolate the ink lacking the final detailing needed to get the thin, crisp lettering the genuine watch wears on its dial.”

The company added that the precision of the fit is lacking in the fake as well, with the bracelet end-links showing gaps. The intricate detailing between the knurls of the crown and pushers also don’t reach the same level of even application found in the Rolex, either.

However, it did note that a watch like this would have previously carried a replica ETA 7750, or a Chinese Seagull chronograph or something like that.

“Not anymore. This isn’t a movement made to look like a 4130—it is a replica 4130, right down to the last detail. There’s a balance bridge, a column wheel, the trademark purple reversing wheels—even the select use of gold screws has been matched.”


  1. I love rolexes the blue gold submariner especially ,thanks for the video ,we should all be more vigilant when buying them from personal owners and not from authorised dealers.


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