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How to buy some of the most popular Rolex Submariners

Pre-owned specialist Bob’s Watches helps you skip the waiting lists for a range of hot Subs.

The Submariner is one of the most recognisable timepieces in the Rolex catalogue, not just for its historic importance as a leading tool watch as ocean diving took off in the 1950s, but also for being seen on the wrists of so many stars.

It made its first of many appearances in the James Bond franchise in the 1960s and has since become a fixture in television and film as well as on the wrists of many A-list celebrities, notable musicians, and famous athletes.

One of the most exciting recent editions to the Submariner family came in 2010 with the release of ref. 116610, aka the Hulk.

In addition to featuring the brand’s newest Cerachrom ceramic bezel insert and larger “Maxi” dial display, the Rolex Hulk also includes a stunning green sunburst dial and matching green bezel insert.

It also earns its name from the larger appearance of the case and bracelet. A cult favorite among many collectors in-the-know, the Rolex 116610LV is a stunning choice for your next luxury watch investment.

There has never been a better time to buy the Rolex 116610LV.  It was recently discontinued, and we expect it will soon become a very prized collector’s item.

Rolex rolex submariner hulk

Bob’s Watches is offering this Rolex Submariner green Hulk.

The Submariner family was entirely replaced in 2020 with upgraded movements, a slightly larger 41mm case and small design tweaks to give it a more modern profile.

Discontinued Submariners continue to be popular, but examples of the newer Ref. 124060 No Date edition of the Submariner 41 can be found in excellent condition and at attractive prices at Bob’s Watches.

Rolex zused rolex submariner 124060 sku154001

Discover the Rolex Submariner 124060 at Bob’s Watches.

The black dial and green bezel combination of the Submariner, fondly known as Kermit, also got the 2020 upgrade, which included a reworked bracelet with a Glidelock Oysterlock clasp that gives a little bit of adjustment without tools.

The Rolex 126610 Kermit is among the hardest watches to buy from authorised Rolex retailers, which has kept its price high on the secondary market, despite last year’s correction.

Rolex zused rolex submariner 126610lv sku156020

Browse the Rolex Submariner Kermit collection at Bob’s Watches.

Reference 126619 is the current edition of the luxurious white gold Rolex Submariner.

Its predecessor, ref. 116619 features a blue dial and bezel, earning it the charming nickname “Smurf.”

Rolex zrolex submariner 116619 white gold 151662

Get your Rolex Submariner blue Smurf at Bob’s Watches today!

However, the Submariner 126619 features a blue bezel and black dial, giving it an aesthetic that is all its own.

Rolex enthusiasts have since taken to referring to this newer-model Sub as the “Cookie Monster.”

In addition to the black dial upgrade, ref. 126619 also features a larger 41mm case and integration to the next-generation cal. 3235 Perpetual movement.

Rolex rolex cookie monster

Even though this watch is 1mm larger than its predecessor, it wears similarly on the wrist as its 40mm counterparts.

It also boasts solid gold construction, giving it an overall noticeable heft regardless of case size. When it comes to contemporary Submariner watches, this pre-owned Rolex is second to none.

Shop Bob’s Watches Rolex Submariner Cookie Monster.

For our final Rolex Submariner in this brief skim through the catalogue, we go back in time to the Red Submariner reference 1680, which was made between 1969 and 1979.

This was the first Submariner to feature the date function and Rolex still offers date and no-date models to this day.

Rolex zvintage rolex submariner 1680 sku152646

This example, on sale at Bob’s Watches, has the word “Submariner” written in red text and collectors refer to these as the “Red Submariner.”

Rolex did this until around 1975 and then they switched to all white text. Collectors tend to gravitate towards these Red Subs and we have seen demand increase significantly in the last couple years.

Collectors have identified six different “mark” or variations in the Red Submariner and this watch has a mark VI dial.

The mark VI dial is distinguished by the feet first depth rating with closed 6s and the “S” in “Submariner” is more rounded than other dial variations.

The coronet on the dial is also a bit more “spikey” looking than other variations. This would be the last “Red Submariner” variation before Rolex went to all white text.

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The papers have the original caseback sticker stuck to it, something we always like to see.

This Sub is fresh to market and comes directly from the original owner who cherished over the years. This watch is in overall great, honest condition, from the case to the bracelet and dial it’s all very cohesive.

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