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eBay curates collection of major anniversary watches for sale from Rolex, Omega and TAG Heuer

Daytonas, Seamasters, Explorers and Carreras all have significant birthdays this year, which is increasing their desirability among collectors.

Swiss watchmakers are obsessed with anniversaries, which can dilute their impact, but 2023 is a particularly rich year for celebrations.

Omega’s Seamaster is marking 75 years since its creation in 1948.

Rolex’s Submariner first appeared 70 years ago in 1053, the same year as its Explorer.

Its legendary Daytona Cosmograph was launched a decade later in 1963.

TAG Heuer’s Carrera chronograph is also marking its 60th anniversary, having debuted in the same year as the Daytona.

Carrera evolution scaled
TAG Heuer Carrera watches from the past 60 years.

In honour of the impact these timepieces have had over several decades, eBay has curated a special Quinquennial Collection featuring watches celebrating their 50th, 60th, 70th, and 75th anniversaries.

“The enduring charm of classic designs and heritage pieces from titans like Omega, Rolex, and Tag Heuer continue to draw both seasoned collectors and budding enthusiasts alike, and their milestone anniversaries are a perfect moment to celebrate their rich history,” says Keith Metcalfe, director of luxury for Europe at eBay.

“Over the past year, we have noticed an increasing number of individuals turning to eBay to look for these pre-loved timepieces so our Quinquennial Collection is a tribute to these icons that continue to remain popular in their golden years,” he adds.


The Seamaster, synonymous with James Bond has survived in the Omega catalogue for 75 years and stands as the brand’s longest-running line of watches.

Launched in 1948 to commemorate Omega’s centenary, the Seamaster was inspired by British military pieces, designed to be waterproof to a certain depth, shock-resistant, and anti-magnetic.

Omega incorporated these key rugged features, making it primed for aquatic adventures. Its legacy amplifies its desirability, making it an indispensable centrepiece in any collection.

Searches for Seamasters increased by over 15% on eBay in the past year.

Introduced in 1953, the Rolex Submariner set the standard for diving watches and its distinct features, such as the rotatable bezel, ensure it is still one of the most recognisable watches today.

Rolex’s Explorer appeared the same year with its three-hand simplicity and discreetly wearable size belying its rugged and reliable qualities.

The Explorer was launched to celebrate the historic ascent of Everest with Sherpa Tenzing Norgay wearing a prototype on the first successful ascent of the mountain in May 1953.

Searches for this particular reference rose by over 10% in the past month on eBay.

74 rolex. A fine and rare stainless steel manual wind chronograph bracelet watch cosmograph daytona ref 6263 circa 1978

Meanwhile, the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona, named after the Daytona International Speedway and introduced a decade later in 1963, became the ultimate tool on the racetrack.

TAG Heuer’s sporty Carrera Chronograph is 60 years-old this year, a mark celebrated with a fresh range of vintage-inspired models.

Access eBay’s celebratory Quinquennial Collection, where watch enthusiasts can discover a range of coveted Rolex, Omega, and Tag Heuer timepieces marking major milestones, all of them backed by eBay’s Authenticity Guarantee programme.

Anniversary watches featured in the eBay curated collection

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