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Swatch's Battersea Power Station store.

Why are two-thirds of Swatch shops selling the Snoopy MoonSwatch in London?

Two-thirds of the nine Swatch stores that will sell Snoopy MoonSwatches from the launch date of March 26 are within a three mile radius of each other in central London.

Battersea Power Station, Carnaby Street, Covent Garden, Harvey Nichols in Knightsbridge, Oxford Street and Westfield White City in the east end of London have all been given the nod.

The next nearest venue for the new Snoopy watch, and the only other location in England, is on Paradise Street in Liverpool.

Glasgow and Edinburgh Swatch shops will both be stockists, but none in Wales or Northern Ireland have been given the opportunity.

Swatch does not sell any MoonSwatch models online, a decision that is part of a stated ambition to get people shopping in stores again.

That decision has been criticised because ordinary punters may have to travel many miles to a store, only to find it has sold out.

Many take to social media to complain that flippers have developed ways of securing an unfair proportion of MoonSwatch supplies, leaving the public facing a choice of paying over the retail price on the secondary market, or going without.

Swatch has a policy of only allowing an individual to buy one MoonSwatch per day from any store in the UK.

But a professional industry has built up and the new Snoopy MoonSwatch is already being advertised by flippers using Swatch’s images.

Regular MoonSwatches from the first year barely generating a profit over their retail price, but limited quantities of the pieces with MoonShine gold chronograph hands are being advertised for three times their retail price by some traders.

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  1. Why are swatch stocking five stores in London and only one other in Liverpool in England.
    Not everyone lives in London .
    Not worth traveling a 300 mile round trip for a plastic watch, which is what I would have to do in this country.
    I bought a mission to Mercury when I was in Las Vegas. No queuing, no paying through the nose to fucking flippers.

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