TAG Heuer shuts down production in Switzerland and offices around the world


Rolex, Hublot and now TAG Heuer have all suspended production at their Swiss manufactures.

Switzerland currently has almost 6,186 confirmed cases of Coronavirus and 58 people have died from the virus. It has 715 cases per million of the population, one of the highest concentrations in the world.


A message to the press today confirmed that TAG Heuer production in Switzerland has been closed due to the current Covid-19 situation.

The company is also closing some regional offices, with teams in some countries being asked to work from home.

There has been no word on how this will disrupt services and supply of watches.

In Germany, the business premises of the LVMH Watch & Jewelry Central Europe GmbH branch will be closed from Monday, March 23 until April 5 as a move to protect employees from the virus.

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