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MoonSwatch hits high fashion notes

Special editions of the MoonSwatch have been given a high fashion twist for one of London's leading department stores.

Back in March, Swatch Group’s CEO Nick Hayek told a press conference that retailers and shopping malls were banging down the door of Swatch in an effort to open boutiques that would be stockists and part of future launches for the MoonSwatch.

Harvey Nichols, a venerable department store in Knightsbridge, a millionaires’ enclave of London, elbowed itself to the front of the queue, and became home to a Swatch watches concession last month.

That opening was accompanied by the launch of a brand new style of MoonSwatches with fashionable ostrich leather straps.

PR pictures of those watches were not available until this week, so we are delighted to reveal them today.

The watches are all part of the core MoonSwatch collection and its established range of colourways and missions into space, but the faux leather straps are all new.

Swatch says this is the first in a series of exclusive collaborations to be stocked in Harvey Nichols, which suggests a fashion-forward roadmap is emerging for the MoonSwatch.

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  1. So when do we(jo public)get to buy them,I live in Plymouth, and speak for most fans,no stock no shops no internet purchase available, I collect swatch and dying to get my hands on the red Mars one but cannot fly half way around the world to buy one ,Mike x

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