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Discontinued Daytonas breathe life into Rolex prices

The John Mayer gold and green Daytona jumped in price by 20% in a few weeks after it was discontinued.

It is interesting that Rolex drew the spotlight away from its 60th anniversary Daytona watches with the unveiling of the emoji Day Date and the bubble dialed Oyster Perpetual.

But it is the Daytonas that have had the greatest impact on the wider prestige watch business, with Rolex upgrading the entire family, and discontinuing their predecessors.

Prices for the most desirable Rolex references have slumped in price on the secondary market since the first quarter of last year, albeit from extreme — well over retail price — highs.

Even in the first half of this year, a period when the secondary market for all watch brands appeared to have bottomed out, Rolex prices continued to fall; down 2.2% since January 1, according to data from Watchcharts in a recent Morgan Stanley report.

Watchcharts ms 1h23 watch market report 5However, there was a spike in activity and prices when news of new and discontinued watches broke at Watches & Wonders.

WatchCharts’ Rolex index rose for about a one-month period between March and April.

It was not just the replacement of the entire Daytona line that stimulated an improvement in prices, Rolex also updated the Sky-Dweller collection and discontinued the Milgauss and Cellini.

Watchcharts ms 1h23 watch market report 7

The highest spike in prices was for the gold and green ref. 116508-0013 Daytona, commonly called the John Mayer, which saw an increase of almost 20% within a few weeks of being nixed from the catalog.

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  1. I love Rolex watches I don’t know mind if they can sell less amount so that we can afford it as well

  2. I see no evidence of a drop at all..Rolex Daytonas in steel are still at least double the retail price around 26 to 30 K. Its complete nonsense ,dealers still ripping people off intje resale market.

  3. I’ve emailed ROLEX OVER THE past 6 years at guess 70-100 times. I’ve been ignored on every attempt. Plus we have 4 Rolex’s. Very rude they are. 56 years 100 emailed which I kept checking if it was the correct email and nothing.

  4. Dealers aren’t ripping people off , its supply and demand .
    Unfortunately just sounds like another negative comment from someone who has trouble affording such a watch

  5. Non Rolex AD or grey dealers are all rip offs. Worst than Second to govt, abusive and hiking taxes or for the non ADs hiking prices due to so called bs supply vs demand. Rolex ADs should ban these flippers for life. Example brand new with stickers pepsi GMT2 cost $12k from AD and theses leeches doubled the price $22K. WTF!

  6. I didn’t know Rolex has a public corporate email address. I thought their policy is to never publicize their email addresses so to encourage people to contact their local dealers instead. You sure it’s Rolex’s official corporate email address you are writing to?

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