Citizen’s moonwatch: the limited-edition Attesa in collaboration with Hakuto-R

Citizen Watch launches a trio of limited-edition Attesa models inspired by the moon.

Citizen Watch is set to launch a trio of limited-edition Attesa models. Inspired by the moon, and featuring cutting-edge technologies, these timepieces are the result of a collaboration with corporate partner ispace inc., part of the Hakuto-R commercial lunar exploration programme.

The three new models, named CC4065-61Y, BY1008-67L, and BY1009-64Y, showcase the fusion of Citizen’s advanced technology and ispace’s lunar expertise. The designs draw inspiration from the moon, which serves as the ultimate destination for the Hakuto-R lunar lander.

Ispace, a publicly traded company focused on lunar exploration and resource development, initiated the Hakuto-R programme in 2010. Citizen joined as a corporate sponsor in 2019.

In December 2022, ispace’s Mission 1, a crucial part of the Hakuto-R programme, became the first commercial lander to launch into space with the goal of reaching the moon. The mission provided valuable data for the programme’s subsequent lunar landing attempts.

For the upcoming Mission 2, scheduled for launch later this year, Citizen will once again contribute its Super Titanium technology to the landing legs of the lunar lander.

The design of the new watches reflects the moon’s influence on the Hakuto-R programme. CC4065-61Y stands out with its full mother-of-pearl dial, a first in the Attesa collection. The mother-of-pearl is layered over a coloured base to evoke the moon’s surface patterns.

The Citizen Attesa CC4065-61Y.

The bracelet’s centre links are made of recrystallised titanium, creating a textured and visually stunning representation of moonlight.

Hakuto-r programme
The Citizen Attesa BY1008-67L.

BY1008-67L and BY1009-64Y feature a dynamic aesthetic inspired by the technological innovation pioneered by ispace’s Hakuto-R programme and Citizen’s extensive development capabilities. Textured ink on the dial mimics the rugged surface of the moon, while Luna Programme functionality calculates and displays the moonphase automatically.

These models are equipped with Citizen’s advanced F950 movement, providing a range of functions, including the world’s fastest GPS satellite signal reception in as little as three seconds.

The Citizen Attesa BY1009-64Y.

The collection stands as a symbol of the collaboration between Citizen and ispace that continues to push the boundaries of technology, bringing the beauty and mystery of the moon to wristwatches that embody the spirit of lunar exploration. With prices from £1,450, the watches are available from  

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