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Citizen introduces its first mechanical GMT to Promaster line

To celebrate the 35th anniversary of its Promaster line, Citizen has introduced two new Mechanical GMT models into the range.

Marking the 35th anniversary of its Promaster line of professional watches, Citizen has launched the ground-breaking Promaster Air Automatic GMT, a distinguished addition to the illustrious Promaster Air series.

Since its inception in 1989, the Promaster line has been synonymous with professional sports watches, designed to meet the rigorous demands of adventurers across all terrains.

The Promaster has evolved into an icon among professional sports watches, celebrated for its superior durability and reliability in extreme environments. The series comprises three classifications – Sea, Land and Air– each designed with high-performance specifications and durability.

From divers to climbers and aviation enthusiasts, Promaster is tailored for optimum performance, robustness, and safety.

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The Citizen Promaster Air Automatic GMT represents 35 years of high-performance professional sports watches.

The Promaster Air Automatic GMT, represented by the sleek NB6046-59E and NB6045-51H models, showcases the brand’s dedication to superior functionality and innovation.

The introduction of a 24-hour hand for a dual time-zone display is a testament to Citizen’s commitment to providing reliable timekeeping tools.

The rugged design, featuring large, highly legible hands, numbers, and bar indices on the dial, is complemented by a curved bezel reminiscent of an aircraft fuselage, adding a nostalgic accent to the GMT function.

Inspired by the fluidity of air over an aircraft wing, the connection between the case and strap reflects the endless blue sky. The brushed finish of the chunky case, coupled with mirror finished surfaces, creates a visual masterpiece.

The caseback, adorned with an engraving of a flight helmet, symbolizes trust and dependability – qualities inherent in the timepieces designed for pilots.


Beyond its captivating aesthetics, the Citizen Promaster Air Automatic GMT is equipped with magnetic resistance, countering the effects of magnetic fields that pose a big threat to automatic watches in our digital society.

The two new models – both in stainless steel, with one coated in gray PVD (NB6045-51H, $1,175) and the other partially coated (NB6046-59E, $1,125) – feature 44.5mm cases with anti-reflective sapphire crystals and 200 meters of water resistance.

They are powered by the self-winding Caliber 9054, which has an average daily accuracy of -10 to +20 seconds and a running time of approximately 50 hours, showcasing the brand’s dedication to precision and reliability.

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Since its debut in 1989, the Promaster line-up of high performance sports watches has been at the forefront of innovation, blazing new trails with adventurers worldwide.

As part of the 35th-anniversary celebrations, the Promaster Air Automatic GMT model stands as a testament to the brand’s commitment to excellence.

Citizen Watch is a true manufacture d’horlogerie, managing the entire watch manufacturing process in-house. Operating in over 140 countries and regions, Citizen has embodied the philosophy of “Better Starts Now” since its founding in 1918.

The company’s dedication to creativity is evident in its mechanical watches, with technologies like the proprietary light-powered Eco-Drive, showcasing a relentless pursuit of quality.

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As a testament to the brand’s commitment to innovation, the Promaster Air Automatic GMT serves as a beacon of the future of watches. In the ever-evolving landscape of watchmaking, Citizen remains a pioneer, continuously pushing boundaries and redefining the art of timekeeping.

The Promaster Air Automatic GMT, with its rich heritage and cutting-edge technology, stands witness to the brand’s unwavering push to precision, performance, and a bold, adventurous spirit that has defined Promaster for 35 remarkable years.

For a deeper dive into the brand’s history and milestones, a special Promaster 35th Anniversary website has been established. For the full story, visit www.citizenwatch-global.com/promaster/35th/index.html.

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