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Arnie pays €35,000 fine to gets his impounded AP watch back then sells it for €270,000

Actor was detained at Munich airport taking the watch to his own charity's fundraising dinner.

When Arnold Schwarzenegger was collared at Munich airport on Wednesday, he thought the Audemars Piguet watch in his hand luggage — a gift for a charity auction — would be handed straight back.

But requests by officials to “show me your papers” were met with a shrug by the Hollywood actor, politician and philanthropist, so he was forced to spend three hours negotiating for its release because he had not declared it and paid import duty.

According to a report in Germany’s Bild, a spokesperson for Arnie called the airport debacle a “comedy of errors”, but the actor was forced to pay €35,000, including €4,000 in tax and a €5,000 penalty.

Paperwork completed and financial settlement agreed and paid, the Audemars Piguet watch made its way to a Special Dinner for Climate action, which raised money for the Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative.

According to the organiser, Mr Schwarzenegger’s airport scare had a happy ending when the now famous watch was auctioned off for €270,000.

Proceeds of the auction will go towards research into solutions for climate change and to support activists.

“I am thrilled by every single one who has joined us on our journey towards a cleaner future. I am so happy about this remarkable sum,” says Monika Langthaler, director of the Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative.

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  1. “Proceeds of the auction will go towards research into solutions for climate change and to support activists.”

    Sad. Arnold would have far better off to give the AP to a homeless man or woman in the street, so they could feed, clothe and house themselves. I have met the Governor at many social occasions, and I have always found him to be a gracious, decent and honorable gentleman. However, regarding “Climate Change” we have often disagreed. As an engineer, free-thinker and retired airline vice chairman, I find that those who publicly advocate such fear-mongering fraud, idiocy and stupidity should have their head examined!

    Sorry, Arnold in this case, no cigar for you!

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