Zodiac brings splash of color to latest dive watches


Zodiac watches, which have been made by Fossil Group since it acquired the brand and its intellectual property in 2001, has extended its core Super Sea Wolf collection with the addition of several Pro-Diver Mainline pieces.

The very first Zodiac Sea Wolf timekeepers appeared in 1952 as one of the first dive watches manufactured for the masses and the collection launching today builds on that heritage but adds modern pops of color inspired by the bright bio-luminescent algae and sea life found in the depths of the ocean.


The watches, retailing for $1,695, house Sellita automatic movements.

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  1. Will a watches future appeal depend on wether the mark is independent or under a group umbrella?
    I’m wondering if even once more prestigious houses like Omega suffer from the perception they are being milked by accountants, forcing incredible production numbers from overwhelming lines and sub lines where as independents like Patek and Rolex gave a less is more approach, protecting them from oversaturation.
    Glad to see that Zodiac has listened to divers on this one and gone with symmetry instead of the date complication but they too are in danger of looking milked with too many variations and those ubiquitous limited editions that plague Omega.


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