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WOTY 2014: Roger Dubuis Hommage handmade guilloche


Highly Commended. Luxury Watches of the Year 2014.

Some watchmakers might call it a day after creating a movement with twin flying tourbillons, but that wouldn’t be enough for Roger Dubuis.

A flurry of activity in the Hommage collection this year saw the introduction of a number of new models. This example was treated to hand-guilloche decoration conducted directly on the RD100 movement’s mainplate, as there is no traditional dial to speak of.


While extraordinary dexterity must be employed to ensure that the hand-guilloched 3D sunburst pattern appears entirely uniform, the wearer of each is safe in the knowledge that each watch is utterly unique because each decoration is performed free-hand.

Precious metal applique Roman numeral hour markers are then affixed directly to the decorated mainplate ensuring the watch, as with all other Roger Dubuis timepieces, meets Poinçon de Genève approval.


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