Watch database gives distributors a window into the best brands to sign up


Two seasoned watch sector experts have joined forces to create a database aimed at connecting distributors and emerging watch brands in different markets around the world.

Thierry Huron, founder of consulting firm The Mercury Project and a former marketing chief at TAG, and Thomas Baillod, founder of The Watch Trade Academy, believe they have compiled the most comprehensive database of international watch distribution in the industry today.

The ‘Watch Distributors Directory’ has been backed by Baselworld, which is officially supporting it as an “exclusive institutional partner”.

The online directory lists more than 1,600 distributors and 1,000 watch brands from 100 markets. The founders believe it will assist distributors with identifying watch brands that have the best potential for local development.

Users can refine their research according to brand type, price positioning, targeted territory, the power of the distributor’s establishment with retailers and its online presence and visibility.

Mr Baillod said that no platform has so far succeeded in providing easy access to categorised information from the watch distribution sector worldwide, and comes as the role of distributors is being challenged by direct sales.

He added: “When Thomas and I had the opportunity to be in contact with Michel Loris-Melikoff’s team who offered to help us put the Watch Distributors Directory into orbit, we immediately seized the opportunity of this unique launch pad with a partnership that would be useful to the hundreds of brands present in Basel.

“Baselworld is, and continues to be, the largest watchmaking gathering in the world. This is the only time in the year when actors from all over the world come together. We were very impressed by Baselworld’s dynamism, attentiveness and creativity in meeting the expectations of the brands, and wanting to offer them a service that goes far beyond the show.”

Registration on the database is free for all distributors. The watch brands exhibiting at Baselworld will benefit from preferential conditions thanks to the partnership with the tripling of the subscription period to one year at the rate of CHF 995 (£790).

Michel Loris-Melikoff, managing director of Baselworld, stated: “Baselworld is building a whole digital community that should be able to benefit from a range of professional services throughout the year. By supporting the launch of the Watch Distributors Directory, I support the brands’ efforts to find the best partners in the markets, not only through meetings during the show, but also by facilitating access to reliable information throughout the year to identify the best possible matchmaking.”



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