EXCLUSIVE: Rolex will spring fresh Kermit on Tuesday


Rolex will launch a black and green Oystersteel Submariner in a 41mm size on Tuesday, WatchPro has been told by a source with a reliable history of gleening inside information.

WatchPro cannot verify the claim and Rolex never responds to speculation ahead of its launches.

The source says it is 100% confirmed the steel sub will come in the new size.


“The Hulk is now back to a Ceramic Kermit,” they continue.

Rolex”s Kermit, with black dial and green bezel, previously had the old aluminium insert when it launched in 2003.

This will be upgraded to Rolex”s scratch-resistant Cerachrom, which does not fade.

Our source also says to expect a steel Submariner without date to come in a slightly larger 41mm.

A white gold Submariner will arrive with a black dial and a blue bezel.

It will be no surprise that Rolex is focusing on its hugely commercial Submariner family.

Teasers ahead of the September 1 presentations to press and retail partners from Rolex have featured underwater visuals with the title Out of the blue.


  1. Honestly, kermit the frog really means little in truth, what ROLEX must redo is the explorer ll and a better design detailing of the skydweller.. That to me is news….!

  2. It’s a little disappointing. I don’t understand the appeal of slapping a bezel in a different color on the watch if the bezel isn’t color-integrated in some way with the dial. It looks like an aftermarket mod.

  3. They need to make a submariner with a ceramic case, crown, grade 5 titanium bezel ceramic insert. Band made of grade 5 titanium with ceramic clasp. 41mm

  4. I agree in every word,, that’s really what should DO, I mean the Skydweller is and amazing whatch but it lacks presence and a bit of bolldness.. Just a touch of unique detail also, and served,, a great gmt watch…. The explores too,,, it’s called the explorer for a reason, for damn sake! ,, anyway,, in pretty curious.

  5. I just sold my blue submariner (purchased as new in 2018) because I couldn’t tolerate the cartoon-like appearance of the new blue Cerachrom bezel. The color is slightly “off” with respect to the color of the dial and the ceramic creates a sheen that suggests plastic. The old aluminum bezels were richer in color with a slight violet hue and their metallic nature harmonized with the metals of the band and case. I talked myself into the new style but after a couple of years, I could take looking at the swimming pool liner appearance on my wrist and sold it. I agree with a prior comment that slapping novelty colored bezels on a watch is beneath the reputation of the brand.

  6. Kermit the frog ain’t ultra important, as I have said before: the explorer ll needs a new identity, and the sea dweller needs a nuanced design treatment. Not the sub, it is being luxuriated a bit too much.

  7. 41mm,arghhh.

    I was hoping for a 39mm to bring it down a notch.

    This isn’t exactly exciting news. It’s actually pretty disappointing considering the Sub doesnt need more face paint. Arghh.


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