New Scandinavian watch brand hopes to provide tonic for technology

BEU Solid 20 ATM

A new Swedish watch brand called Beu Watches is hoping to make an impact by being different.

Founder Johan Ronnestam wanted to create a brand that reconnected him with the real world, as he felt that he’d become too reliant on technology.

“I felt I was becoming a slave to technology, and wanted to create a movement that could help restore my connection to people, nature, culture and to the power of simply being myself,” says Ronnestam.


As a designer and former professional snowboarder, Ronnestam has developed several other companies around the world. He sees Beu Watches as being the start of a ‘movement’ away from traditional technology.

The Solid Series is Beu Watches’ first collection, featuring five waterproof watches – Solid 20 ATM in brushed steel and lava black, and Solid 6 ATM in raw bronze, gold and steel.

“A Beu Watch is a symbol of self-confidence, an agent of change and a reminder to stay true to yourself and the things you love,” says Ronnestam.

This desire for simplicity is reflected in the watches themselves, as they are clean and minimalist. Designed in Scandinavia, they are waterproof and durable too.

At a time when the watch world is looking towards technology more and more, it will be interested to see whether Ronnestam’s gamble pays off.


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