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MoonSwatch’s second generation set for launch tomorrow

Hysteria around Swatch’s MoonSwatch collection has faded, but could be revived with some surprises in this August 1 full moon drop.

The first MoonSwatch launch in March last year was met with the sort of hysteria normally reserved for an early iPhone debut.

A second drop in March of this year, for what turned out to be a retread Mission to the Moon Moonswatch with its chronograph hand painted in gold, still drew long queues.

That second low key launch appears to have sucked the air of MoonSwatch’s balloon, because if any emotion is being generated ahead of a global MoonSwatch launch tomorrow, it is mostly contempt.

“Mission to MoonShine Gold is returning to selected locations all around the world on August 1,” Swatch has revealed on its Instagram today.

“We no longer care. You killed your own hype,” Instagrammer boxintypex replied in a comment. Others were less kind.

But the comments on the Instagram also show demand remains strong, with many wanting to know whether the new MoonSwatch would be sold in their local city, and others complaining that the bioceramic collection is still no sold online.

August 1 is another full moon, which has been trailed as significant for every MoonSwatch launch.

Unlike previous launches, which were limited to just a handful of Swatch stores, 85 countries and 97 stores will take part tomorrow.

That suggests  supply is unlikely to as big a factor this time round, which in turn makes it unlikely all those stores will need crowd control from flippers and fans.

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There are still profits to be made from reselling MoonSwatches.

A quick browse of sold prices on eBay today shows them trading for around £340, around 33% more than retail.

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