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Watch Pilot survey suggests TikTok is the biggest trend-setting platform for watches

A new Watch Pilot survey suggests that TikTok is becoming the strongest influencer when it comes to watch buying

With a bricks-and-mortar base in Richmond, Surrey, plus a strong online presence, retailer Watch Pilot is a business with its finger firmly on the pulse of current trends.

In a recent analysis of TikTok, which is an ever-growing platform for style and shopping inspiration, Watch Pilot discovered that the hashtag #Watchtok has already had 954.5 million views – a number that is growing daily.

Co-founder of Watch Pilot, Tim Harrison, says that some of the findings from the company’s research was exactly as expected – with Rolex topping the searches for luxury watch brands. Others, however, surprised him, for example the fact that pocket watches featured prominently in the top styles that were being searched for.

Watch pilot
Co-founder of Watch Pilot, Tim Harrison.

“From green dials to classic Cartier models, the current and upcoming trends on TikTok can provide watch-lovers with endless inspiration for the next purchase,” he says. “It’s no surprise that Rolex comes out on top as the most popular luxury watch brand, as Rolex is possibly the most well-known watch brand of all time.

“Perhaps most surprising was the appearance of pocket watches in the top five most popular styles. TikTok is where viral trends are born, so are we witnessing the era of the pocket watch?

In terms of key influencers on TikTok, Mr Harrison and his colleagues note two accounts that are leading the pack. “There is @vookum, a watch reseller who negotiates prices for both brand-new and vintage watches, whilst providing viewers with tips and tricks on how to make a luxury watch purchase,” he says.

“And for those interested in seeing how much their favourite celebrities’ watch is worth, @nicovanderhorst regularly posts videos reacting to the very expensive price tags of watches owned by celebrities such as Drake, Mark Wahlberg and Kevin Hart.”

Below, Mr Harrison shares his findings on 2023’s most popular watch fashions according to TikTok users and shares some of his ideas for timepieces that nail the top trends:

 The top 5 most popular watch trends

  1. Gold watch – #goldwatch – 30.3 million TikTok views
  2. Blue watch – #bluewatch – 11.9 million TikTok views
  3. Classic watch – #classicwatch – 7.9 million TikTok views
  4. Retro watch – #retrowatch – 5.2 million TikTok views
  5. Green dial watch – #greendialwatch – 2.4 million TikTok views

The top 5 most popular watch styles

  1. Smart watch – #smartwatch – 3.1 billion TikTok views
  2. Luxury watch – #luxurywatch – 524 million TikTok views
  3. Pocket watch – #pocketwatch – 40.9 million TikTok views
  4. Fashion watch – #fashionwatch – 32.5 million TikTok views
  5. Military watch – #militarywatch – 9 million TokTok views

The top 5 most popular luxury watch brands

  1. Rolex – #rolexwatch – 545.6 million TikTok views
  2. Omega – #omegawatch – 213.4 million TikTok views
  3. Cartier – #cartierwatch – 74.9 million TikTok views
  4. Hamilton – #hamiltonwatch – 59.4 million TikTok views
  5. Patek Philippe – #patekphilippewatch – 4.2 million TikTok views

The top 5 most popular affordable watch brands

  1. Casio – #casiowatch – 128.6 million TikTok views
  2. G-Shock – # gshockwatch – 99 million TikTok views
  3. Fossil – #fossilwatch – 23 million TikTok views
  4. Movado – #movadowatch – 24 million TikTok views
  5. Citizen – #citizenwatch – 13.6 million views

The top 5 most popular watch influencers

  1. Tyler Mikorski – @vookum
    1.7 million TikTok followers
  2. Nico Leonard van der Horst – @nicovanderhorst
    954.9 thousand TikTok followers
  3. Anthony Farrer – @thetimepiecegentleman
    378.9 thousand TikTok followers
  4. Wrist Aficionado – @wristaficionado –
    375.8 thousand TikTok followers
  5. Mike Noveau – @mikenoveau –
    291 thousand TikTok followers

Tim Harrison’s top picks:

Gold trend 


Tissot Prx Men’s Gold Watch, £398.


Tiktok jacques du manoir nro. 11 ladies inspiration gold watch 159 watchpilot. Com
Jacques Du Manoir NRO.11 Ladies Inspiration Gold Watch, £159.

Retro trend 

Tiktok raymond weil toccata ladies black watch 650 watchpilot. Com
Raymond Weil Toccata Ladies Black Watch, £650. Tiktok casio vintage mens gold watch 59. 89 watchpilot. Com

Casio Vintage Men’s Gold Watch, £59.89.

Blue dials  

Tiktok ball engineer hydrocarbon original mens blue watch 2770 watchpilot. Com
Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon Original Men’s Blue Watch, £2,770.


Tiktok cluse blue aravis watch 70 watchpilot. Com
Cluse Blue Aravis Watch, £70.

Pocket watch trend


Tiktok out of order mens white calabrone watch 579 watchpilot. Com
Out Of Order Men’s White Calabrone Watch, £579.

Casio watches


Watch pilot
Casio Vintage Unisex Gold Watch, £44.
Casio F100 Classic Unisex Silver Watch, £44.