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Fake MoonSwatch explosion could kill next Snoopy hype

Black Snoopy MoonSwatch teaser campaign begins.

Swatch has shared yet another teaser overnight, suggesting a black-dialed version of the Snoopy MoonSwatch is on the way.

That may extend the spectacular run of success that Swatch has brought back to the sub-$500 end of the watch market, but the public was showing fatigue for the concept last year and Snoopy’s ability to reignite the hype will be challenged by an explosion of plastic fakes that look and feel like the genuine bioceramics but are offered for one tenth of the price.

eBay is awash with $25 knock offs of the original MoonSwatch styles, and Snoopy versions will not be far behind.

They may be harder to copy, thanks to the added complexity of a moonphase and hidden text that appears under UV light, but punters may not care if the copies are more than $200 cheaper.

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