CODE41 uses ‘watchmaking crisis’ to give ANOMALY collection a new lease of life


CODE41 says it is using what it describes as a watchmaking crisis in Switzerland caused by Covid-19 to inject a new lease of life into its ANOMALY collection.

The brand has always been community-driven, and in making its entrance to the watchmaking world in 2016, CODE41 has always offered complete and total transparency on origin and costs.


Seen as somewhat of an anomaly in the watchmaking space, the synonymous collection was born from that evolution and formed what the brand sees as a change in Swiss watchmaking.

The new ANOMALY EVOLUTION collection takes the DNA and the best of its predecessor while offering an increased value for money.

The brand became a reality by raising more than 500K CHF on Kickstarter with its ANOMALY collection and its first 2 models, ANOMALY-01 and ANOMALY-02.

Since then, the collection became the symbol of CODE41’s vision for the future of Swiss watchmaking.

However, due to the Covid-19 crisis which as described by the brand, “provoked the most unprecedented watchmaking crisis since the same happened with quartz,” the traditional model of physical distribution has been weakened.

CODE41 explained how “watchmaking is being hit by the full force of the health crisis, and the sector has seen its turnover slump by 30%.”

This said and added to the sanctions imposed by COMCO (the Swiss Competition Commission) have made acquiring ETA movements very complicated in the last few years.

In conjunction with the fact that the manufacturer of the Japanese MIYOTA movement is no longer accepting orders due to excess demand; production can no longer keep up meaning CODE41 is directly impacted due to the ANOMALY collection featuring both of these movements since the beginning.

This has meant the original collection is therefore set to disappear.

However, despite the bad news in this sense, CODE41 has decided to treat this crisis as an opportunity to give the ANOMALY collection a second lease of life with the ANOMALY EVOLUTION.

Those behind the brand explained how it will see the DNA and the best of ANOMALY enhanced in a new collection.

For this new version, CODE41 has combined the best of the two original models: the technical, distinctive and recognizable design of the ANOMALY-01, and the Swiss movement and date of the ANOMALY-02 while also making the following improvements:

  • Watertightness increased to 100M
  • Assembled in Switzerland
  • Improved display / addition of indices in Luminova
  • Reduced total thickness for better ergonomics. Thickness reduced by 1,5mm
  • Strengthened crown
  • Transparent back

Powered by the Sellita SW200-1 Elaborated movement, the ANOMALY EVOLUTION collection is available in 4 versions. As well as the natural steel color, it’s available in black, charcoal gray and a very original blue-gray.

Each model is also offered with a wide selection of interchangeable straps fitted with deployment clasps.

The technical and mechanical nature of the ANOMALY collection has appealed to men since the start, but CODE41 has also received a lot of praise from women and in order to fight the 42mm obstacle this provides, the new edition is available in 38mm and 41.5mm.

Discover the ANOMALY EVOLUTION collection HERE.

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