Job seekers offered free Fears watches for interviews


Nicholas Bowman-Scargill, managing director at Fears Watches, is offering people up and down the country an opportunity to borrow a Fears watch for free ahead of a job interview.

The initiative was thought up as a means of helping those across the United Kingdom in looking their best when it matters most.


With a belief in the fact that first impressions really do count, especially in the world of work, Bowman-Scargill expressed how a classic, elegant watch can convey those all-important character traits of reliability and punctuality.

Therefore, if you live in the UK and have a job interview, Fears will lend a Redcliff watch for a week, for free.

All you have to do is contact enquiries@fearswatches.com and let them know the date of your job interview, your name and home address, in the UK and whether you will need a standard or shorter size strap.

What’s better too is that the service costs nothing as Fears will cover the insured postage to and from the recipient address.

Speaking to Bowman-Scargill on launch day, he told WatchPro: “Initially it was just an idea about how this would be great to do but actually when I thought about it I realised it was something we could and should do.

“So in the office the following day, I told the team about it and of course they were all right behind the idea.”

Adding: “We can’t make the Brunswicks fast enough but fortunately enough we can make really good use of our other range.”

The watch in question will be a Redcliff with a Jetliner White dial on a Fears Blue goat’s leather strap.

It is worth noting that it remains the property of Fears and after one week you’ll need to return it so others can benefit from the service.

Find out more HERE.

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