Braun wakes up fully charged with new digital wireless clock


Braun is bringing a new digital wireless charging clock to market this November.

Designed with a focus on innovation and function, the BC21 and its silhouette derives from the DN 40, one of Braun’s early digital alarm clocks.


The brand says the form of the BC21 is reminiscent of a classic Braun product while its function has been redefined for a modern user.

The BC21 naturally encourages the user to place their device on the wireless charging pad which sits behind the self-adjusting LCD display.

At 10W the charging pad is fast charging and compatible with all Qi enabled products while the silicone charging pad prevents devices overheating and provides a non-slip surface area.

With a slimline design, the BC21 wireless charging clock is perfectly suited for a bedside table and featuring an advanced Vertical Alignment (VA) LCD display that can be adjusted to 12-hour and 24-hour setting options.

The customisable levels of display brightness automatically adjust depending on the surrounding level of light or can be manually set.

Featuring a crescendo beep alarm that gets louder if it is not turned off, the touch snooze button is located at the top of the clock for ease.

Braun’s first wireless charging clock will retail for £99.

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