Braun and Hiroshi Fujiwara keep time ticking with modern twist on analogue clocks


Braun x Fujiwara Braun and Hiroshi Fujiwara have come together to collaborate on a limited-edition clock project, available exclusively at Isetan stores, Japan.

The collaboration with Mr Fujiwara, who is a prominent streetwear influencer, musician and founder of Fragment Design, is comprised of three classic analogue clocks. The BC02X Travel Alarm Clock, the BC17 Wall Clock and the BC03 Alarm Clock, derived from the iconic designs of the AB1 and ABW 41.


The 10 design principles laid out by Dieter Rams during his time at Braun are even more relevant today and continue to be the guiding force for the design world.

The Braun x Fujiwara FRGMT editions remain completely true to the original design imprint of the clocks and continue to encapsulate the same high-quality specifications and design DNA that have become synonymous with Braun’s award-winning design history.

Each model is available in black and grey, with Braun’s yellow second hand modified to blue, the clocks all feature FRGMT branding and the signature double lightning bolt logo.

All three clock models come packaged with bespoke Braun x FRGMT packaging. The parallels between FRGMT and Braun are clearly illustrated in this collaboration and are expressed in the simplicity, attention to detail and less but better philosophy that underpin the design concepts.

The collection will launch in December 2020 and will be available exclusively at Isetan stores.

Isetan will be hosting a Braun pop-up exhibition space throughout December at the Shinjuku store to chronicle the heritage and design history of Braun through its many iconic products.

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