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anOrdain watch for Hodinkee sells out in seconds

Twenty-five of the Model 3 were made, and went on sale at Hodinkee Shop for $6,000, but the site was showing it had sold out almost as soon as it appeared.

A limited edition Model 3 from Scottish watchmaker anOrdain has sold out in minutes at Hodinkee Shop.

anOrdain is famous for its hand-crafted enamel dials, and the Model 3 Limited Edition For Hodinkee has an engraved sunburst face for the first time.

Twenty-five were made, and went on sale at Hodinkee Shop for $6,000, but the site was showing it had sold out as soon as it appeared.

anOrdain has made its name as a specialist in the traditional art of grand feu enamelling.

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Its dials are made by coating them with ground enamel powder and then oven-fired at temperatures of over 800C several times to achieve a high-sheen finish, with each dial unique.

The process can take up to 100 hours, which means that volumes are low and demand is high.

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The company says it currently has a waiting list of five years but, unlike a list at a Rolex dealer, once you are on it, you will move one step up the list every time somebody at the top takes delivery of their watch. No purchase history required.

Hodinkee’s limited edition was a chance to jump that waiting list, but it would have taken the speed of a Russian bot, or excellent connections at Hodinkee, to snag one this time.

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Hodinkee worked with anOrdain to design the engraved sunray dials, which have the appearance of a deep grey iris.

The three-hander uses a Sellita SW300 automatic movement with 42 hour power reserve.

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