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Zeus Luxury calls on family heritage with watches fit for Greek gods


Zeus Luxury is preparing to go live in the coming weeks as the new brand gets set to take British watchmaking by storm.

In conversation with WatchPro, founder Chris Kipling explains that in calling on his family’s Greek heritage, the Zeus name was born.

Not only will the brand be looking to embody the Greek god-like feeling, Kipling wants to brand to offer a truly luxurious feel at the sub-£500 price point to kickstart business before taking its customer base on a watchmaking journey as the brand grows and doors open to bigger markets.

He explains: “I’ve worked in the city for the best part of two decades, competition is fierce with everyone seen wearing a Rolex or another high-end watch. I love these brands but think there is a gap in the market to hit the same high-level of quality and style while being affordable and accessible to everyone.

“With Zeus, I want to pack as much of that quality in as possible. We want to have to best possible product on offer in the sub-£500 category and put a flag in the ground and really go for it.”

On moving forward from this as sales roll in, Kipling adds: “The goal is that once we have made a name for ourselves, we would want to start hiring in designers to build unique designs and then the ultimate goal really is to get to the thousand dollar mark and beyond to be where the likes of Christopher Ward and Farer are at.”

For Zeus Luxury, the launch in the coming weeks is just the first step on the watchmaking ladder it hopes to climb quickly.

Eyeing bricks and mortar presence in the second half of the year, if sales follow the brand is determined to make its mark.



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