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When the going gets tough, the UFC turns to Timex

The Ultimate Fighting Championship has announced Timex as its first ever official timekeeper.

Mixed martial arts (MMA) legends such as Connor McGregor are known for their love of watches, so it came as little surprise when the biggest MMA organization in the world, UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) announced a new its first official timekeeper and watch partner, Timex.

The worldwide sponsorship and licencing agreement perpetuated the brand’s reputation for creating some of the industry’s toughest timepieces that can withstand the knocks of life and keep on ticking.

Now, Timex has introduced a line-up of official partnership watches. The collection was conceived at the Giorgio Galli Design Lab in Milan, Italy, and built with endurance and robustness in mind. The result is a sport-centric watch, rugged enough for UFC.

According to Shari Fabiani, Senior Vice President of Brand & Creative at Timex Group: “Timex and UFC share a heritage of determination, ingenuity, and grit and we are honored to join the most innovative force in combat sports to clock its greatest moments. Being able to bring accurate, durable and innovative timekeeping to fighters and fans alike and offering hard-hitting features that embody the toughness and tenacity of two powerhouse brands is a match worthy in its own right.”

Priced between £65 and £210. The collection is available from timex.co.uk and watchshop.com.


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