Watches of Switzerland continues to add Rolex real estate with branded boutique in Knightsbridge


With wealthy tourists stuck overseas and most office workers stranded in their bedrooms, central London’s prime luxury retail streets remain stuck in the long shadow of the covid quarter. 

That has not stopped The Watches of Switzerland Group continuing its investment in Rolex real estate, and this month opened a new monobrand showroom for Switzerland’s biggest watchmaker within its Watches of Switzerland flagship showroom on Brompton Road in Knightsbridge.

The 1,377 sq. ft Rolex showroom faces tough competition in Knightsbridge.


Bucherer runs Europe’s biggest Rolex boutique just across the street from Watches of Switzerland, and Harrods reconfigured its Fine Watch Room around a vastly expanded Rolex space on the ground floor two years’ ago.

Bucherer, Harrods and The Watches of Switzerland Group have deep and longstanding relationships with Rolex, a brand for which securing the biggest and best allocations of the hottest watches is critical as demand continues to run well ahead of supply.

Continued investment in Rolex retail space is vital to bagging the latest Submariners, Daytonas, GMTs, Explorers, and Oyster Perpetuals, and WoSG will keep its place at the head of the queue with the Knightsbridge expansion that includes a new VIP area and event space on the upper floor and Rolex frontage to the street.

WoSG CEO Brian Duffy says the group is on a path of continual expansion in partnership with Rolex, and will open a City of London multibrand showroom anchored by the brand this side of Christmas. “We are extremely proud to be strengthening our partnership with Rolex with an enhanced Knightsbridge offering. The new Rolex showroom is the latest step in our partnerships focused expansion which will see further exciting advancements later this year with a new Rolex showroom in the brand new Watches of Switzerland showroom at London’s Broadgate,” he says.


  1. Great another outlet, all WOS needs now is the stock of watches to supply the nine out of ten customers that they cant or wont supply the watch of their choice to.
    They have got more shops than Rolex, watches
    I think WOS are in the real estate business rather than the horoligy business.

  2. Yet another Rolex boutique full of Daydates,2 tone datejusts,pearl masters,ladies models etc.not a steel sports model to be had,as for the 2020 releases,that’s a joke.Nothing available from Authorised Dealers as has been the case for the past 5 years or so,funnily enough though you can buy anything you want on the grey market for approx double the RRP. Never been any shortages there. Another monobrand boutique from Rolex full of bling watches which nobody cares about is an exercise in futility.

  3. Totally agree with last comment. Tried to buy a Daytona last year ,in the end gave up! What’s the point of new Rolex boutiques when there are no watches to be had that people want to purchase!!

  4. What a joke…..one of the biggest CHARITIES in the world supplying their ‘preferred ‘ customers with watches whilst the rest if us (who CAN afford to buy their watches) aren’t given the opportunity !!
    But we all have to remember….. Rolex doesn’t care, they don’t need anyone other than their ‘preferred’ customers !!

  5. Gosh have to agree with all comments, I’ve never purchased from AD however I have 5 sports models which in a month of Sunday’s wouldn’t get from ADs

  6. Its becoming clear from readers comments on these pages who are by definition all watch and keen horology fanatics other wise they would not be on websites such as this, that Rolex policy of hand picking there customers is deeply unpopular we all know it’s in reality not a true chronalogical waiting list it’s an if your face fits waiting list and in my opinion is deeply distasteful and disrespectfuly disturbing to the audience who have supported this company over the decades, its remarkable that Rolex in this day and age 2020 wants to keep alive snobbery one up man ship in its true sense one would have thought this strategy would be obvious to Rolex that it is deeply offensive in todays society, but as one reader commented earlier Rolex dont care.


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