VIDEO: Vacheron Constantin’s Christian Selmoni presents ‘Les Collectionneurs’


Style and Heritage director at Vacheron Constantin, Christian Selmoni, has appeared on BBC world to talk about its historic watch presentation ‘Les Collectionneurs’.

20 watches from Vacheron Constantin’s past, dating as far back as 1924, are currently being exhibited and are on sale at the company’s Bond Street boutique.


The watches have been fully restored and come with a 2 year warranty when purchased.

Interviewed on the BBC News Channel about the collection, Selmoni went into detail about ’Les Collectionneurs and reflected back on the watch industry.

Reflecting on the situation in the current market, he said: “I think there is a real interest in watches, as we have seen from the recent results from the Swiss exportations. But in addition there is a huge interest in the vintage market of timepieces. So for us, it’s a great opportunity to showcase our legitimacy, our tradition, our creativity.”

Selmoni went on to discuss what sets a vintage watch aside from the modern smartwatch.

He said: “We are talking about human ingenuity. I think there is a real interests for these crafts and this knowhow which has been perpetrating generation after generation. Also, they are still extremely precise and probably on the contrary of some of the smartwatches, 100 years from now they will still work.”




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