Ulysse Nardin recruits a shark


Ulysse Nardin has recruited a female great white shark named Andromache as its latest brand ambassador.

The unusual appointment is designed to draw attention to the watchmaker’s commitment to marine conservation and the protection of great white sharks.

Andromache is tagged as part of data-centric research by OCEARCH, a non profit that tracks the health and sustainability of marine life.


Ulysse Nardin’s and OCEARCH’s mission is to preserve the great white shark and their contribution to sustaining the ecosystem of the world’s oceans as apex predators.

Andromache is thought to be be a young shark of around 15 years-of-age and was captured during a mission off the coast off Massachusetts.

After just 15 minutes under the care of scientists gathering the samples needed to do a comprehensive health assessment of the shark’s physiology and biology, she was tagged and released back into the wild.


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