U-Boat submerges latest watch collection in oil


If the £40,000 price tag of an artisan Ressence is a little steep for your budget but you love the fluidity of its oil-filled watches, U-Boat may have an alternative.

The Italian watchmaker has made its own collection, known as Capsoil, using the same technique where the mechanism and dial are entirely enclosed in a bath of oil behind domed, smoked, mineral glass.


There are two chronographs in the family priced at £1,620, and two three-handers at £1,420 lit up in the dark with Superluminova.

They come in 45mm steel cases on brown or black leather or rubber straps.

“The oily liquid surrounding the dial transforms it into an absolute black, making it three-dimensional and deep,” the company says. “This fluid creates an ever-moving compensation bubble, as well as offering a surprisingly amplified view of the hands, which seem to float free as in absence of the glass.”


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  1. The Capsoil is an amazing watch! I had the opportunity to try the non-chrono version recently and it was one of those pieces that I just didn’t want to take off… the oil-filled dial makes legibility absolutely second-to-none, even in bright sunlight and the absence of a bezel creates a real sense of depth as the crystal curves round to meet the case. It’s definitely on my wish-list!


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