Timex and seconde/seconde/ collaborate on a timely shout out to your ex

This Valentine's Day, Timex and seconde/seconde/ extend their ongoing partnership to celebrate the winners (and losers) in love.

Valentine’s Day, renowned for its romantic fervour, is taking on a distinct twist this year courtesy of Timex’s latest collaboration with French creative visionary Romaric Andre, alias seconde/seconde/.

The partnership, already well-established, continues to push the boundaries of conventional watch design, unveiling the Timex x seconde/seconde/ Loser collection – a departure from the typical and often saccharine sentiments associated with the occasion.

The Loser collection, an innovative extension of the 1970s Q Timex, carries the signature quirkiness of seconde/seconde/, offering a refreshing alternative to the usual Valentine’s Day fare. Embracing a rebellious spirit, the watch boldly brands the wearer’s ‘ex’ as the ‘loser’, featuring a customised second hand and distinctive dial markings.

This unique touch not only serves as a playful remedy for those navigating the aftermath of a break-up but also introduces an unexpected twist – the ‘L’ hand points towards the wearer every minute, providing a subtle yet amusing reminder of the wearer’s resilience.

Timex session studio 1091

Beyond its symbolic design, the Loser collection encompasses the hallmark features of the Q Timex series, including a stainless-steel case and band, a rotating top ring, a functional battery hatch, luminant dial markings, and a domed acrylic crystal.

The collaboration between Timex and seconde/seconde/ transcends mere watchmaking; the continued partnership underscores Timex’s commitment to providing consumers with unique and statement-making timepieces.

Timex session studio 1106

As the Loser collection enters the market, it promises not only to challenge the status quo of Valentine’s Day gifting but also to solidify Timex’s position as a trailblazer in the world of unconventional and creative watch design. With each tick of the Loser collection, Timex and seconde/seconde/ invite wearers to embrace a playful rebellion against the ordinary, making a lasting mark in the realm of distinctive timekeeping.

Timex enthusiasts and watch aficionados alike can anticipate the availability of the Timex x seconde/seconde/ Loser collection from today. Interested buyers can secure these distinctive timepieces through Timex.co.uk and Farfetch.com, with prices ranging from £220 to £225.

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