Monday, October 18, 2021
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Junghans makes Max Bill box set in celebration of the Bauhaus...

Max Bill was a famous Bauhaus artist in the mid-20th century, and Junghans started work with him five years before the first watches were made in his name in 1956.

Junghans commits to WATCHPRO Salon in its 160th anniversary year

German watchmaker has survived through tougher times than the covid pandemic, and is adapting again for the decades or even centuries ahead.

Junghans celebrates anniversary year with exclusive Meister S Chronoscope Platin Edition

In celebration of its anniversary year, Junghans has enhanced the sportiness of its Meister S Chornoscope with a new and exclusive iteration.

Junghans looks to past, present and future for its 160th anniversary

Black Forest watchmaker reminds the world of its massive contribution to German and global watch industry.

Junghans offers adrenaline rush with watches embodying sports fascination

Its design incorporates durable materials with a style exuding character and athletic versatility.

Junghans slides into steel sports watch space as Nordic World Ski...

Junghans is using next month’s FIS Nordic World Ski Championships, which take place in the watchmaker’s home country of Germany, to launch a limited...

Junghans looks ahead to when we can all travel again with...

While we wait for the world to re-open, Junghans can help you coordinate your intercontinental zoom calls.

Junghans turns to titanium for lightweight FORM A Titan

FORM watches, taken from the Bauhaus mantra of form follows function, is lightweight in its 40mm matte titanium case and crystal clear beneath its sapphire glass.

Junghans adds racy chronograph to its top end Meister watch line

Meister is the top end of the Junghans’ family, and the new S Chronoscope will be priced at £2270 when it goes on sale in June.

Junghans makes solar-powered movement for its Max Bill collection

If the Junghans MEGA Solar is ever completely drained of power, it requires only 8 minutes exposure to light until it is ready for use again.