Swiss Wrist taken over by new management


Swiss Wrist, the US-based online pre-owned Rolex retailer has announced a change of its management, having welcomed a new team last month who are set to shake up its customer services.

Austin Peterson joined Swiss Wrist as its new chief executive and will be part of a new team that will focus on providing a better all-round shopping experience.


He said: “We are more focused on customer satisfaction. We understand how people are emotionally attached to their possessions, especially those with sentimental value.

“This is how most people feel about their Rolex watches, and we are committed to providing them a level of service beyond their expectations.”

The brand has posted videos on YouTube showcasing its satisfied clients, including a birthday party where a family gathers to give a father a gold Rolex Presidential.

Peterson also announced that the site will undergo some rebranding, and hopes to provide a more “robust” website with better visibility of its Rolex watch inventory, as well as provide a more user-friendly interface.

Swiss Wrist functions by offering Rolexes with lower mark-ups to achieve higher sales volumes at lower mark-ups.


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