Swatch Group beats Silicon Valley to produce smallest Bluetooth chip in the world

Swatch Bluetooth chip

Swatch Group R&D and the Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology (CSEM) have created the smallest Bluetooth chip on the market. 

The chip, which consists of more than 5 million transistors on a surface measuring just 5 square milimetres, has been certified as meeting the latest Bluetooth standard, version 5.0.

The chip is not just smaller than any other on the market, Swatch claims, it also has lower energy consumption compared to competitors on the market today.

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It has also been designed to fire up more quickly, which means it will connect instantly to nearby devices, for example when tethering smartwatches to smartphones.

“This innovation demonstrates once again the Group’s technological excellence and its micro-technological know-how. Swatch Group is also one of the world leaders in circuits and systems with very low energy consumption, as well as in technologies adapted to small connected objects (the Internet of Things),” a statement from Swatch Group says.

Swatch Group and CSEM, both based in the Swiss Silicon Valley areas of Geneva, collaborate in a wide range of fields.

The two organisations are working to develop a unique Swiss-made ecosystem that aims to meet the needs of small connected objects (the Internet of Things); above all, watches.

This platform will be built around a completely new, bespoke operating system, the companies say.

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