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Sherpa Watches returns to WatchPro Salon

The brand, which debuted at WatchPro Salon in 2022, aims to bring back legendary watch models by relaunching popular designs.

Sherpa Watches will be returning to London’s WatchPro Salon this November.

The brand, which debuted at WatchPro Salon in 2022, aims to bring back legendary watch models by relaunching designs that have become hugely popular among the collector community.

“Like the originals from the past, the engineering, manufacturing, and assembling of each watch and its components is done in Switzerland and Germany, making Sherpa Watches a fully European enterprise,” Sherpa watch founder Martin Klocke describes.

Mr Klocke is passionate about the USP of Sherpa’s watches, particularly the construction and design of its water resistant cases, which use compressor techniques pioneered in the 1960s.

Compressor watches effectively become more waterproof at deeper depths because the pressure of water squeezes gaskets for both the case back seal and screw-in crown.

Sherpa is among a handful of watchmakers that capable of producing its own compression case backs and the only manufacturer to offer compression for the crown as well.

Sherpa watches also carry a message of peace from Tibetan Buddhists.

“We microscopically laser engraved the Tibetan Buddhist mantra OM MANI PEME HUNG very commonly used in the Sherpa region on two of the watch movement’s wheels. Following widespread Himalaya Buddhist tradition used in prayer-wheels, the gears in the movement rotate constantly, sending out vibes of love, wisdom, and compassion from your wrist straight into the world — 30 million times per year. With the naked eye you will not notice the mantra is there. Instead, you will feel it,” explains Klocke.

WatchPro Salon is taking place from November 10 to 11 at The Londoner hotel on Leicester Square.


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  1. I have been trekking in Nepal many times and I have never heard or written Om mani peme hung. The way I have always seen it in writing is “Om Mani Padme Hum”

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