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Sherpa Watches brings the good vibes of Buddhist mantras to WATCHPRO Salon

Start up watchmaker will introduce its first two watches to the UK at November’s WATCHPRO Salon.

Watch collectors often speak of an almost spiritual relationship with their mechanical watches as they keep time using nothing more than the energy harnessed and slowly released from a coiled spring.

That spirituality is taken to a new level by a new watchmaker, Sherpa Watches, which made its first timepieces this summer containing components engraved with Tibetan Buddhist mantras.

Guaranteeing even better karma for the watches’ owners, there will be donations to charities working with Sherpas in Nepal with every piece sold.

“We microscopically laser engraved the Tibetan Buddhist mantra OM MANI PEME HUNG very commonly used in the Sherpa region on two of the movement’s wheels. Following widespread Himalaya Buddhist tradition used in prayer-wheels, the gears in the movement rotate constantly, sending out vibes of love, wisdom, and compassion from your wrist straight into the world — 30 million times per year. With the naked eye you will not notice the mantra is there. Instead, you will feel it,” explains Sherpa Watches founder Martin Klocke.

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Mantramatic movement blackbg
Sherpa Watches’ Mantramatic movement is based on a Sellita SW200-1.

A percentage of the price for every Sherpa watch sold is being donated to two charities: Sagarmatha Next, which turns mountain waste from the Khumbu region into art and the Nepal Himalaya Sherpa Foundation, which helps to build schools in Kathmandu.

There are two models in the first Sherpa Watch portfolio, the Sherpa OPS and Sherpa Ultradive.

Both will be given their UK debut at WATCHPRO Salon, which is taking place from November 11 to 12 at The Londoner hotel on Leicester Square.


Both watches are made in a limited production run of just 150 pieces, and are based on designs by Enicar, a highly respected Swiss watchmaker whose production peaked in the 1960s and made a model called the Sherpa for a Swiss mountaineering expedition to the Himalayas in the 1950s.

“Like the originals from the past, the engineering, manufacturing, and assembling of each watch and its components is done in Switzerland and Germany, making Sherpa Watches a fully European enterprise,” Mr Klocke describes.

Like the mid-century Enicar watches, Sherpa Watches’ new timekeepers are designed to survive in extreme conditions using a compressor lock system and twin compressor crowns to keep moisture and dust out of the case.

“The timeless designs of the Ultradive and the OPS did not need much finetuning. On a technical level, our watches surpass their predecessors in terms of accuracy, water tightness and durability,” Mr Klocke promises.

Sherpawatches ultradive 01 a5
Sherpa Ultradive.

The Sherpa Ultradive comes in a 40mm stainless steel case that is water resistant to 200 metres.

It uses a Sellita SW200-1 automatic movement with the Buddhist mantras etched onto its wheels. Sherpa Watches has renamed the movement the Mantramatic.

It comes on a rubber strap and sells for €5,900. That includes an Italian leather double watch travel roll.

Sherpa ops
Sherpa ONS.

The Sherpa OPS uses the same movement in a black DLC coated 40mm case.

It sells for €5,800.

WATCHPRO Salon 2022 exhibitors and partners

Watchpro salon 2022WATCHPRO Salon is a showcase of prestige watchmakers where collectors, brands, retailers and press meet in 5-star luxury.

Back for a second time after a sensational debut in 2021, the two-day event takes place from November 11 to 12 at The Londoner, one of the capital’s most spectacular 5-star hotels on London’s Leicester Square.

Exhibitors & Partners at WATCHPRO Salon 2022:

Allemano brand logos 500x500 1Anordain brand logos 500x500 1Artel rotec brand logos 500x500 1Ball brand logos 500x500 1Bianchet brand logos 500x500 1Bomberg brand logos 500x500 1Bonhams brand logos 500x500 1Byrne brand logos 500x500 1Charles girardier brand logos 500x500 1Cyrus brand logos 500x500 1Czapek brand logos 500x500 1Doxa brand logos 500x500 1Ebay brand logos 500x500 1Elliot brown brand logos 500x500 1Encelade 1769 logoFratello watchesGrand seiko brand logos 500x500 1Hanhart brand logos 500x500 1Herbelin brand logos 500x500 1Ikepod brand logos 500x500 1Junghans brand logos 500x500 1Kauri brand logos 500x500 1L. Leroy brand logos 500x500 1Laurent ferrier brand logos 500x500 1Luminox brand logos 500x500 1Marathon brand logos 500x500 1Maurice lacroix brand logos 500x500 1Minase brand logos 500x500 1Oligo brand logos 500x500 1Oris brand logos 500x500 1Perrelet brand logos 500x500 1Pierre deroche brand logos 500x500 1Qlocktwo brand logos 500x500 1RedbarReservoir brand logos 500x500 1Scatola del tempo brand logos 500x500 1Seiko brand logos 500x500 1Sequent brand logos 500x500 1Sevenfriday brand logos 500x500 1Sherpa brand logos 500x500 1Sinn brand logos 500x500 1Speake marin brand logos 500x500 1Squales brand logos 500x500 1Swiss capsule brand logos 500x500 1Swiss kubik brand logos 500x500 1The devoy groupVictorinox brand logos 500x500 1William wood brand logos 500x500 1Zeiwinkel brand logos 500x500 1Zodiac brand logos 500x500 1

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