Russian watchmaker Konstantin Chaykin turns timepiece to art with NFT-Joker


Konstantin Chaykin has turned his hand to transforming his Joker watch into a piece of artwork via NFT.

The NFT-Joker is made up of over 40,000 singular images which all together make up the timepiece.


Totalling 42,480 computerised images, it is completed by one for each minute of twelve hours over a two month period from March 13th to May 11th when the new Moon was in the Pisces constellation.

In choosing these images specifically, the brand hopes to capture a unique Joker emotion.

Commenting on the logic behind the art-led move, Konstantin Chaykin said: “The movement of the indicator in the ‘Joker’ is designed so that the moonphase indicator wheel switches one day forward once a day, which is how all moonphase indicators traditionally work.

“The eyes of the watch run through each possible position twice a day, so a unique sequence of emotions on the dial takes 12 hours, repeating itself for the second 12 hours of the day. At the same time, two moons are depicted on the lunar disk, so, in fact, a unique cycle lasts for two lunar months, until both moons of the indicator have completed their cycle.”

Adding: “In the wheel system in the drive of the moonphase indicator for the ‘Joker’ and other ‘Wristmons’, I use a wheel with 59 teeth, which, in one revolution, tracks the evolution of the phases of the Moon over two months. Therefore, we can say that a period of two lunar months is inscribed in the genetic code of my watch.

“In addition to the 42,480 individual gif-format images, each 300 x 447 pixels, Konstantin Chaykin will create a collage of the 720 images from each of the 59 days of the cycle, forming a digital picture of 26,373 x 216,000 pixels – slightly larger than Beeple’s famous piece. The NFT- Joker, when fully printed, will form an impressive canvas of about 1.15 metres high and 14 metres long.”

Konstantin Chaykin created his first Joker between the autumn of 2016 and February 2017 while the one and only NFT-Joker will be offered at auction at Ineichen Zürich auction house on 22nd May 2021 and will be sold for Ether.

Konstantin Chaykin welcomes you to the auction HERE.


Discover Konstantin Chaykin:

Konstantin Chaykin
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