Rotary reports Middle East travel sales success


Rotary watches has announced record travel sales figures throughout the Middle Eastern as it adds a globally renowned airline to its list of retail partners.

Emirates Airline is the latest carrier to offer Rotary watches for sale onboard its flights joining Saudi Arabia Airlines, Qatar Airways and Oman Airways, all of which have posted record sales figures for Rotary watches this year with both Qatar and Oman Airways expanding the range of Rotary watches available onboard.

In the last two years Rotary has quadrupled its airline business and will be launching a new airline range later this year to support continued growth in sales.


Rotary is also adding four new airside duty free sales locations to its international network. New outlets at Riyadh Airport and Nairobi Airport have already been agreed with the prospect of a further location at Saudi Arabia’s Dammam Airport later this year. Frankfurt Airport’s new terminal will also include a Rotary retail space when it opens in July.

Rotary also boarded the Heinemann Group’s Mein Schiff 3 cruise ship last month with a travel sales listing.


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