Rolex, Lego and Campbell Soup — the world’s most reputable brands


Rolex has topped a table compiled by TrustPilot that lists the world’s most reputable brands, although its reputation varies significantly from country to country.

It pipped The Lego Group to the top spot globally but did not feature in the US list.

The famous Swiss watch manufacturer came out on top in the UK and globally, but was beaten by the Campbell Soup Company in the US.

The table was put together by asking US and UK-based customers and analysing opinions on openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and emotional range.

Rolex scored highest in the openness category, which was defined as ‘the extent to which a person is open to experiencing different activities.’

The report mentioned Rolex partnerships with top level athletes in sports such as golf as reasons behind why people see it as a trustworthy brand which resembles success and wealth.

When it came to branding personality, Rolex again finished top of the lots in the UK and globally but lagged behind in 18th place in the US specifically.

In Rolex’s branding, imagination, friendliness and self-discipline were found as the most prominent factors.

Dissecting why Rolex doesn’t seemed to be valued as highly in the US, the report detailed how the “difference in ranking could be partially attributed to the fact that Rolex was founded in London over 110 years ago.”

Meaning “British shoppers have a long-standing history with the brand, while those in the US may be less familiar with the luxury watchmaker.”

Rolex Watch Company Limited, the UK subsidiary for the brand, notched sales of £329 million in 2017, the most recent published accounts, which is likely to be around one quarter of global sales for the watchmaker.



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