Rolex dealer thwarts cheque fraudster


Impossible as it may seem, a man in Florida managed to walk into a Porsche dealership and driven away in a $140,000 supercar, paid for using cashier cheques he had printed at home.

Thankfully, an unnamed Rolex dealer was not so trusting.


Casey Kelly, 42, shared pictures online of the brand new Porsche he managed to buy, but was caught a way later after attempting to buy several Rolex watches at a jeweler in Miramar Beach, Florida, with more fake cheques worth $61,521.

Police arrested him for grand theft of a motor vehicle and issuing a false bank note.

While the car dealership discovered the fraud after trying to cash Mr Kelly’s cheque — and immediately reporting the Porsche as stolen — the Rolex dealer faced less of a headache having held the watches until he was certain the cheques would clear.

When the cheques came back as fake, the jeweler reported the crime, but Mr Kelley had already been arrested because of the car theft.

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