Ritmo Mundo makes watch ambitions crystal clear

Transparent Pegasus collection is priced at just $3,500.

Los Angeles-based Ritmo Mundo is beginning its 22nd year in business with the launch of a new Pegasus luxury sports watch collection in a fully transparent glass case.

Clear sapphire crystal cases have been made by high end watchmakers including Hublot, Jacob & Co., Bulgari and Girard Perregaux, but the complexity of working with crystal bumps up the price of these transparent tickers to high six figures.

Ritmo Mundo is achieving the same effect with ultra-durable glass, which has allowed the business to bring in the price at just $3,500.

“The Pegasus outlines the blueprint for Ritmo Mundo 2.0,” says Ritmo Mundo founder Ali Soltani. “

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“It’s a daring and nuanced design for the discerning collector – an attainable luxury watch that is genuinely innovative and remarkably cool. This crystal-clear glass watch case design affirms our desire as a brand to push boundaries and set new standards – not just keeping pace with the future – but also shaping it,” he adds.

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Pegasus watches may be transparent, but they are also bold in their 44mm cushion-shaped cases that fully expose the movement from the sides and bottom.

The cases, which are 11.3 mm thick, may not be made of sapphire crystal, but Ritmo Mundo says its glass ranks at 7 on the Mohs hardness scale, around the same durability and scratch-resistance as surgical steel.

Pegasus watches are water resistant to 300 feet.

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There is a range of color options for the collection thanks to dial rings in red and white, green and white, blue and white, silver, green, black, orange or full colorless.

The time-only skeletonized watches are powered by automatic movements and are sold on silicone straps matching the dial ring colors or plain white.

Each model is priced at $3,500.

Ritmo mundo pegasus

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