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Prosecutors receive criminal filing from Omega as Speedygate scandal escalates

Criminal investigation edges one step nearer in the case of a Frankenstein Speedmaster sold by Phillips for $3 million in 2021.

Prosecutors in Bern have confirmed that Omega has filed a criminal complaint against individuals involved in the Speedygate affair.

The case concerns the sale of a Speedmaster CK2915-1 with broad arrow hands and a tropical dial, said to have been a 1957 original, but later confirmed to be a Frankenstein watch assembled from components of various vintage watches.

The watch was sold by Phillips in Geneva in 2021 for $3 million, but questions were raised about the accuracy of the auctioneer’s description of the watch by blogger Jose Perez’s on his website Perezcope.

Swiss newspaper NZZ then investigated, leading to Omega admitting that at least three of its employees, including the head of Omega’s museum, had been involved in an alleged fraud.

Three people were fired by Omega and may now face prosecution for fraud.

Bern’s prosecution office has confirmed to Bloomberg that they have received a filing from Omega outlining the company’s case as a victim in the affair.

The prosecutor has not yet opened an investigation, Bloomberg reports, but the filing brings a likely criminal investigation of all parties in the scandal closer.

Omega and parent organisation Swatch Group declined to comment, but Phillips has said that it welcomes any investigation and will cooperate fully with authorities.

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  1. I have owned numerous Omega watches and Rolex watches and in 1989 I bought a Rolex submariner for £710.00. brand new Same watch today is £16000.00 plus. Sort of says it all about the watch market and the artificialy inflated prices of watches that are not worth more than a Casio G-Shock.

  2. You dont think thats anything to do with inflation then? Money changes a bit over a period of 34 years, not sure if you’ve noticed that at all

  3. True true…bless creation of money supply and inflation to controlling its value….shame watches involved as said asset. Watch time pass I say enjoy them!!!.

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