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Pre-orders open on new Airain Sous-Marine as first images surface

The images are part of the latest step in their CoLAB, a collaborative design effort for the classic Sous-Marine.

Airain has opened pre-orders on its new Sous-Marine diver watch, as the first images of the launch have surfaced.

The images are part of the latest step in their CoLAB, a collaborative design effort for the classic Sous-Marine.

Reflecting on the launch, Tom van Wijlick, CEO of CDMLEC which is Airain’s parent company, said: “We wanted to stay as close to the original as possible within the framework of current quality standards. This is like a new chapter in the watch’s history, much like how car companies improve their flagship models every so many years.”

As part of its bid to do justice to the original, van Wijlick says this was easier said than done.

He continues: “The old Sous-Marine came paired with the iconic Fixoflex bracelets made by ROWI (Rodi & Wienerberger).”

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Since that company folded in 2019, Van Wijlick was faced with a challenge.

“But challenges are opportunities in disguise. We now own the brandname Fixoflex, and have brought the two together again.”

Buyers can now decide which type of strap they think fits best with the new watch.

Another iconic element of the old model was its Parmentier crown cap.

“The cap guaranteed that the watch was sealed watertight down to a depth of 200 metres. The downside was that it was prone to falling off,” Van Wijlick explains.

The new Sous-Marine will still feature the Parmentier crown cap.

He adds: “It’s a defining characteristic of the old Sous-Marine. We have improved the crown’s clamp-on system, making it securely fastened. Another improvement is that even without the crown, the new design is now provides water resistance of at least 30 metres. And the full 200 metres with the cap on.”

While honouring the original’s looks, the new Sous-Marine has a few traits of its own under the bonnet.

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It houses a powerful La Joux-Perret movement, granting over 68 hours of power reserve. Its solid tungsten rotor ensures a smooth rotation and weight distribution while its accuracy is regulated to no less than 4 positions. It is finished in ‘Soigné’ with blue screws.

Those who are interested in buying a new Sous-Marine are advised to keep an eye on the watch’s dedicated product page.

Airain expects to announce the first pre-order round on 16 December 2022, including some early-bird favourable pricing, as well as a reproduction of an original 1960s Airain Sous-Marine poster.

Find out more HERE.

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