Pattie boyd
This portrait of Pattie Boyd, pictured in1963 by Eric Swayne, is up for sale with an estimate of £600 to £800.

Pattie Boyd’s Rolex, given to her by husband Eric Clapton, appears at auction

Rolex DateJust appears at Christie's London with an estimate of £2,000 to £4,500.

She was George Harrison’s wife at the height of Beatlemania and Eric Clapton wrote Layla as a love song to her before becoming her second husband.

No wonder British super model Pattie Boyd is widely regarded as British rock music’s most legendary muse and part of its greatest love triangle.

Ms Boyd will be forever know as a waif-like model who epitomised Swinging Sixties London.

She met her future husband George Harrison on the set of the 1964 Beatles’ film A Hard Day’s Night.

They later married and, six years later, Mr Harrison wrote the haunting ballad Something as a love letter to his wife.

Also in 1970, Eric Clapton shared the torment of his unrequited love for Ms Boyd in the classic Layla.

It must have worked, because when Mr Harrison and Ms Boyd divorced, it was Mr Clapton who became her second husband. All The Beatles attended the wedding.

Patty Boyd is now selling off some of her most treasured memorabilia from those times, including a Rolex DateJust that Mr Clapton bought her in the early 1980s as a birthday present.

Pattie boyd

Eric Clapton is a famously passionate watch collector, and bought the Rolex in the Bahamas to match a similar Rolex that he regularly wore at the time.

According to Christie’s which is hosting the Pattie Boyd Collection auction, she wore this wristwatch almost constantly for the next few years until Eric presented her with a Cartier wristwatch for her fortieth birthday.

There are no distinguishing marks or engravings on the 26mm bi-colour DateJust, which goes under the hammer at Christie’s in London and online with an estimate of £2,500 to £4,000.

The auction runs online here from March 8 to 22.

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